TO:  Sherry D. Ruby – September 17, 1949 to September 27, 2012

Co-Owner of SeaScape Manor Bed and Breakfast

Information:  Bob Adamec’s wife – Gloria Miller’s sister

Sherry was the gregarious one and loved to make folks laugh.  She would sing her little songs –

“Just like her Daddy used to sing”.  She loved life and tried to live life fully.  She was kind to

Others and helped them out whenever she could.  She took in strangers in need and became

their  Angel - even when it met with criticism from SeaScape Guests, at times.

Family was very important to her and she kept a close relationship with our Parents and

brother – throughout all of the years.  If anyone in the family needed help (niece, nephew,

cousin) she was always right there and helped them with whatever the problem was that

needed her help.  To her, Charity started with the family members.

Pets were like family also.  There were always dogs and cats at our Bed and Breakfast and Pets

Were welcome as guests of the B&B with “well trained parents” – being required.

Sadly, Oscar her black haired Dachshund did not want to stay behind if Sherry was going to be

gone.  He passed two days prior to Sherry – and – was in Heaven waiting for her when she got


We miss Sherry every day.  Each day there is a reminder of something that Sherry would have

handled or taken care of that causes us to pause and think about all that she meant to us.

We wistfully sigh and let our hearts grieve as we miss her and sometimes when one of her

Jovial reminders occurs – we laugh out loud and say “Sherry would have loved and laughed at


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